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1, The model looks clean: you can use a small brush to clean the dust, stubborn dust, then you can wipe with a wet wipe. Should be eliminated, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and other chemical supplies.
2, Flowers and trees cleaning: flowers and trees cleaning sand table model cleaning is also difficult, it is best to use a strong wind blower hair dust, and then use the spray from the spray and spray new treatment.
3, Sand table road cleaning: You can use a small brush to clean fly dust, and then wipe with a towel dipped in water, black glass road to be wiped with alcohol.
4, Lawn cleaning: the best use of hair dryer or special vacuum cleaner.
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1, On the model placement: sandbox model indoor temperature must not exceed 35 degrees Celsius, and maintained at 30% to 80% relative humidity, or sand table model easily degumming deformation. Sand table model can not let the sun direct, but not in the sun exposure.
2, Sand table model lighting: Lights should be switched off every two hours, can not be open for a long time. If true water fountain sand table model should always check for water (due to water evaporation), if the water shortage should be promptly added water, once the fountain is not sprayed water, immediately close the power switch, otherwise it will cause damage.
3, the model transfer or disassembly: If you want to transfer or disassemble the model, it is recommended to find the sand table model for your company to protect the model from damage.
4, The model installation: After the model is completed, the model company should be equipped with a special transport, transport to the scene by the model company to install and debug before use, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble in the later.
5, Sand table model placement: placed indoor model should be kept clean, ventilated, no glass cover model should always be cleaned.
6, Sand table model display: In the display process, should try to prevent the watch staff directly touch the model. If decorative pieces, green trees and other gadgets fall off, should be properly kept, later let the model production company's professional maintenance and after-sales staff to re-glue.