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Building model of four production process

From: 本站 Author: Millionstar Posted: 2018-03-28 10:14:14 View: 66
Building model of four production process The process of building model, the following four craft that can not be ignored.

Building model of four production process


The process of building model, the following four craft that can not be ignored.                         
1, building parts: building facade on the basis of drawing data, fine is done every detail, realistically express the project in a line, a little side, metope material texture, Windows, window frame, railing, balcony, facade structure framework thereof will be true.Color fidelity performance, color elegant, distinct, the overall effect is harmonious, fully highlight its unique style.

2, street construction: to build a strong business atmosphere and the perfect life form a complete set, business within each layer upon layer board partition function pattern, and according to the requirements of commercial performance, using the modelling is novel, exquisite realistic business sketch true performance, exterior decoration fashion advertising, and advertising light boxes, chapter show elegant and imposing manner.


3, environment landscape, landscape realism meticulously build, a detailed guide to project features, terrain elevation difference relations accurate production;Various landscape node fine performance: plant landscape, leisure lawn and landscape axis, ecological recreation corridor, on foot trails, residential entrance, green health. Field, entrance to the underground garage, parking lot, such as lifelike gimmick expression, and match with fashionable exquisite sketch.

(1), floor effect: the ground floor will be according to the requirements of your company, our company professional environmental group leader is responsible for the design, at the same time the use of advanced computer technology production, rich carving design floor, spray with decorous, atmospheric color.
(2), greening effect: environment turf "pieces" brand in Germany, M773 # grass planting, and USES the flocking machine uniform planting grass, can reflect environment more beautiful green ecological space, at the same time reasonably suited to local plant species (including shrubs, trees, etc.), lawn flower-spinning pool configuration bright flowers.
(3), traffic network performance inside and outside the project, set up street lamp light, make the line of driving, road center green belts, put into various proportion suitable for vehicles, etc.To highlight the project excellent geographical location, and increase the project model dynamic realistic effects, and the path of the vehicle set realistic effect of front and rear lights.
(4), the drainage water scene: the project inside and outside river system adopts the most innovative and advanced dynamic effect of water production process, the whole surface through the movement of light and shadow, and combined with the German import water lines glass, set the whole surface into a sparkling, the ripples of water effect, at the same time in the water at the bottom of the set the lighting effects.To strengthen the objective effect, set the project engineering water running, lifelike birds ecological music sound effect.
(5), sculpture: reasonable add buy some fashionable, distinctive modelling, design and bright, delicate and vivid modern effect.


4, lighting effects:
Circuit system controlled by microcomputer, not cause short circuit, fire and other undesirable phenomena occur, when the open time of 20 minutes after the system will automatically cut off power supply to rest, if you need again bright lights can directly press various instructions.
(1), architectural lighting: internal will be set to warm color to move "lights" lighting effects, create a warm atmosphere.
(2), landscape lighting, lamp, widely will set the sod. The lamp current lamp, underground garage entrance flow, plant shoot the light, colorful and photoelectric effect processing, such as grass, green lights installed under the tree, flower color lamp, street lamp installation installed in the white light, widely. The lighting installation white flow.